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Solihull - Langley School


Sunday9.05 - 9.50amJunior KickersCall for details
Sunday9.05 - 9.45amLittle KicksCall for details
Sunday9.05 - 9.55amMega KickersAvailable
Sunday10.00 - 10.45amMighty KickersCall for details
Saturday9.00 - 9.45amJunior KickersLimited availability
Saturday9.00 - 9.50amMega KickersAvailable
Saturday9.50 - 10.40amMighty KickersAvailable
Saturday10.00 - 10.45amJunior KickersAvailable
Saturday10.00 - 10.45amMighty KickersAvailable
Saturday10.45 - 11.30amJunior KickersLimited availability
Saturday11.00 - 11.50amMega KickersAvailable
Saturday11.35 - 12.20pmMighty KickersAvailable

CourseAge6 Sessions
Little Kicks1½ - 2½ yrs£40.00+£18.00*
Junior Kickers2½ - 3½ yrs£40.00+£18.00*
Mighty Kickers3½ - 5th b'day£40.00+£18.00*
Mega Kickers5 - 7th birthday£40.00+£18.00*

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*New members will be charged a one off membership fee of £18.00. Your membership fee gives you a FREE Little Kickers football uniform and priority re-enrolment.

Which class should my two year old join - Little Kicks or Junior Kickers?

'Little Kicks classes will be enjoyed most by children who are 18 months to 2½ years of age, with the aid of a parent/carer. However, children can productively play up to two and half years of age in this class. Confident children aged two years to two and a half years may join Junior Kickers immediately, if they have already enjoyed an introduction to football at home, and are physically and socially confident. Junior Kickers classes do not need parental participation

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Class information & FAQ's

CLASS HOLIDAYS - Please note classes will be continuing through February half term

EASTER 2019 - No classes running from 18th April to 27th April 2019. Classes re-start Monday 28th April 2019.

Dorridge ONLY - Classes on saturday 30th March will be running at St Philips Church instead of Methodist Church.

LANGLEY SCHOOL - Due to the gymnasium floor being out of action for the foreseeable future we have have had to amend our class programme. The following classes have now moved to the Sports Hall:

Saturday 09.00 - 09.45am - Junior 1 moved to sports hall (same time)
Saturday 11.35 - 12.20am - Mighty Kickers - moved to earlier time of 11.00 in the Sports Hall.

Spaces currently available: (Taster sessions available)

LITTLE KICKS (18mth - 2.5yrs) - Waitlist only

JUNIOR KIckers (2.3yrs+) - Mondays 10.30am Hockley Heath B94 5NH

MIGHTY KICKERS (3.5yrs - 5yrs) Waitlist only

MEGA KICKERS (5-7yrs) Saturdays 11am - Langley School, Solihull

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