10 Hottest Fitness Franchises 2020

10 Hottest Fitness Franchises 2020

Great news for Little Kickers! We are excited to say we've made Aspioneers 10 Hottest Fitness Franchises 2020.

Out of all the sports played across the world, football is one game that has been ruling the hearts of millions. In terms of the participation rate, out of all the games, soccer is the most popular sport in Canada. According to a report submitted by Canadian Youth Sports, 767,000 children from ages 3-17 play organized football.

Little Kickers realizes that the way kids are treated and guided, either makes them or breaks them. With a deeper understanding of the nature of a child’s mind, Little Kickers is indeed on a mission to provide as many kids as possible with a positive introduction to sports in a friendly, pressure-free environment.

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